Connectors For Valuframe Aluminium Extrusions

Versatile robust connectors and connecting elements

slot nutSlot nuts.

Valuframe slot nuts are the basis of the modular aluminium extrusion assembly system. Slot nuts need to be versatile, flexible and economical. Valuframe slot nuts encompass all 3 of these essential factors. Some systems use slot nuts that can only slide in from the end of the extrusion, but what if the frame has been

aluminium extrusion slot nut function

built up and you need to insert a new slot nut? Valuframe slot nuts can be inserted from the end of the extrusion and also from the front. There is even a small sprung ball in the base that pushes the slot nut to the front of the slot to prevent the nut dropping down when the extrusion is vertical. Standard slot nuts have a flat front face but there is an option to have a keyed version that locates into the slot with more precision. Some of these features are expensive add-ons in other systems, not with Valuframe.


Aluminium profile connectors

One of the most important features of the aluminium extrusion system user as opposed to just an aluminium extrusion user is the ability to use connectors as opposed to welding. The choice of connector is critical. We can help you choose the right connectors for your project.

auto connectorstandard connectorbutt connectoruniversal connector 


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